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School Operations

Digital schools are online schools where classrooms ,teacher and studenrts are digitally located. This application prepares the schools adequately for the digital future saves the time, money and increases the school efficiency.
The Benefits

  1. School will be online 24/7 and assignments and tests can be conducted online.
  2. The application mark thousands of students in minute increasing efficiency of the school.
  3. The application sends the alerts of students performance to parents.
  4. The application generates report cards and send it to parents'emails or smart phones.
  5. Online payment/fees collection.

Furthermore,Digital schools can share resources faster and ensure speedy information distribution among the stakeholders; teachers,students, parents and school administrators. e-learning materials are also made available to the students and they are availed with the computer based examinations experience- online tools with which they can take Computer Based Test exercises which equip them greatly.

Service Statement

Digital schools are forward thinking and are fully prepared for the digital age. Digital age as the next stage of Information age is the stage when information dissemination and consumption are via smart devices,pcs, digital media network ,internet and so on . This is essential for proper time management , efficiency,energy saving and increased convenience and good lives.

Since industrialization and the 24 hours operation of industries, parents have been working round the clock. This and so many other factors have competed with their time. Parents can hardly check on their wards' development at schools. Digital schools are equiped with techonological capability for quality service delivery and also allow parents to have access to up-to-date information about their children performance at schools. Schools also save money and the planet by reduction on paper consumptions .

Parent should be encouraged to check their wards report cards online as against the attitude of printing hardcopy or it should be sent to them via email or mobile phones.

Mission Accounts

Paper production contributes significantly to global warming . It is reported that more than 120 million trees are consumed for production of papers each year. The pulp and paper industry is the 4th largest emitter of greenhouse gas in US manufacturing industry. When trees are felled ,Carbon (IV) Oxide that should be removed by the plants in the photosynthesis process stays up in the atmosphere. By taking all schools online and adoption of real time information sharing in learning , paper consumption will be reduced . Any tree thus preserved will help in elimiating Carbon(IV) Oxide from the atmosphere and protect the Earth.

Therefore, future educational system is such that smart board will be available to all classrooms. Then students will only have to listen to the lesson and all notes are automatically available on the students tablets or laptops. In essence ,students will not have to copy note manually again . This will give students opportunity to pay undivided attention to their lessons.

Modern & clean College theme

Join the biggest network of all schools online.

Amazing features

When you register your school on the digital school portal, the system will create a uniform resource locator that represents your school estate online with digital storage system.People can then find your school from any corner in the world.

Each student on the network also has a unique resource locator that allows the application to send the students reports to the parents.
Assignments and home work can be given to the students and the application will help the teachers to mark them ,saving the schools time and increases efficiency.

Fully customizeable

To register school is free and students report cards can be generated freely on your free portal account. School can customize her portal with the school assets ,such as pictures , school logos, news letter and so onSchool. Online payment collection is included on any school portal on request.

How it works

First step is to sign up for free. Free package is designed to let school administrators and proprietors to realize importace of automation of their school operations. The free package allows your school to be online 24/7 with the state of the art school portal that you can customize for three months. Free school portal has the facilities that the school can use to generate School News ; Electronic Report Cards and Accounting Package only. Free portal account does not send school reports to parents and it downgrades electronic distributions. Only premium account is activated with alert facilities and distributability.Online payment collection is activated on request.

Free Registration

School Registration

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  • N 4500/month
    • 200 Student Alert Chips
    • Online Report Cards
      & Distributability
    • CBT tools & Accounting package
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  • N 20000/6Months
    • 600 Student Alert Chips
    • Online Report Cards
      & Distributability
    • CBT tools & Accounting package
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  • N 27 000/Year
    • 800 Student Alert Chips
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